Digital marketing is a challenging form of marketing online to consumers in this day and age.  Of course, we’d recommend a powerful marketing mix and it is very important to include some digital marketing.  One reason why we say it is challenging is because the cost of it can easily get pretty high if campaigns are not managed appropriately.

In digital marketing, your best bet is to now go programmatic.  Here is a great blog post of ours that shares a little bit more information why programmatic is a must these days.

Having a retargeting campaign on your website or landing page can help trigger return visits as well so it’s important to implement this piece into your overall digital marketing plan as well. One nice thing about programmatic is that you can set campaigns to run at certain hours as well.  Our platform we use actually allows us to target very specific to demographics including by: age, ethnicity, household income, education level and much more.  Multicultural is huge in the industry for digital marketing and this is a premium service that our firm is going to start offering next month.

Real-time bidding or RTB is going to be important to digital marketing as well.  Rather than paying premium pricing for inventory space on websites, your best bet is to bid constantly in order to get better pricing and more inventory (impressions) for your ad dollars.

It is important that you have experts managing your digital marketing campaigns.  It is important to also be able to understand the overall analytics portion of your campaign as well.  You’ll want to be able to factor what is your ROI and also KPIs (key performance indicators) so that you have reasonable goals set for your marketing and digital teams.